MGS4 Influences and Technology

MGS4 vs Ghost In A Shell

MGS4 is represented as a battlefield you can find anywhere, anytime / No place to hide. If you’ve read mecha mangas or watched futuristic anime series based on war games such as: Ghost in the Shell, GANTZ, Gundam Seed, Evangelion or Code Geass you’ll can correlate those war games series to MGS4. The game blends numerous factors in this futurist war game, AI, self-conscious armed combat.

Out of all the war games currently available, Metal Gear solid is unique and, chances are, you’ve never played anything like this before. It’s unparalleled because the concept of this game can be found only in Japanese animations. In MGS4 the player must confront numerous commandos with the assistance of additional AI armed combat units.

The engineering science employed by Old Snake was bettered from early versions and contains ingredients seen in Ghost in the Shell such as visual disguise called “octocamo” which permits the player to immix with any surface, a fresh “solid eye” substitutes the field glasses which were employed in former versions and allow greater details of the terrain and enemy. Sophisticated gimmicks and war is what this PS3 war game is all about so you’ll discover many items which might look familiar if you’re a manga/anime fan.

The plot of MGS4 is rather complex as there are numerous cells which command organizations and armed combat units. The player can feel unoriented for a moment as far as acknowledging what’s happening around. Many gamers debate that there are plot holes but I have to disagree to that. The game is perfect!!!


~ by Ethe Shome on August 12, 2010.

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