Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Walkthrough


  1. Watch the opening cutscene.
  2. TIP: When you gain control of Snake, do not crawl under the truck immediately in front of you yet. Go to the right, and crawl under the second truck. You will find a hidden Ration.
  3. When you’re ready, move to your left and press the X button to go underneath the other truck. This will trigger another cutscene. Continue forward and wait for another cutscene.
  4. When you regain control, head north. There will be a lot of action going on with soldiers fighting large Gekkos, but try not to get involved. Go through the first building you see and head up the stairs.
  5. Go through the door on your right, and find Ammunition in the corner.
  6. Go back out of the room, and jump out of the hole in the wall.
  7. Head left, turn right around the corner and make your way up the pathway. Turn right around the next corner, and when it’s safe, head into the building across the street slightly to the right. Make your way upstairs. To the right through a door there is hidden Ammunition in the corner. When you’re ready, go out of the building, and head right down the street ahead. Do so only when the patrolling Gekkos are out of the way.
  8. Follow the red marker on your compass map, to your next objective.
  9. NOTE: If you spot an enemy by himself, you can knock him out by sneaking up behind him and pressing the Triangle button. Be warned, though: you can’t use their guns, as they are ID-tagged.
  10. Watch the cutscene, where Snake battles a Gekko and escapes. You’ll be given access to your normal Octocamo suit finally.
  11. Once the cutscene is over, you’ll be able to save your game.

Act 1: Liquid Sun

  1. Watch the mission briefing with Otocon. He will mention the Mk. II, which you’ll be using later in the game.
  2. TIP: When you regain control over Snake, you’ll have access to the Octocamo. To use it, press Triangle to press yourself against a surface, and a couple seconds later the Octocamo will automatically trigger, rendering you all but invisible. Alternatively, you can trigger the Octocamo by simply shaking the Sixaxis controller.
  3. When you’re ready, follow the objective marker which is pointing you to the right of your current position.
  4. You’ll need to head straight down the pathway ahead, out into the open area. Enter the building on the right. You’ll find a Ration near the stairs. Head to the left out of the building, and trigger the next cutscene.
  5. When it ends, get down into a crouching position, and crawl through the vent at your feet ahead. You’ll find an Compress inside. Continue through the vent, and take note of your next objective area, which is all the way up to the Northeast.
  6. When ready, head to the left towards the open area with the tank in the middle of the street. Beware, you can be spotted quickly by enemies at this point.
  7. You’ll need to wait until the tank in the street to the right looks completely away, and then crawl to the destroyed car ahead. Wait until the tank has looked away, and then quickly crawl through the door into the building on the right.
  8. NOTE: If you are spotted, crouch down and get back into the crawl space and wait out the alert. Alternatively, head into the building, around the corner to the left, and hold Triangle to blend in with one of the walls. You should be able to wait out the alert in this position.
  9. Once inside the building, find a Compress on the bed in the room to the left.
  10. When ready, crouch down again and crawl through the crawl space to the left of the entrance to the building. You’ll see a short animation of a citizen being shot by soldiers.
  11. Wait for the soldiers to walk away and then crouch out and hide behind the boxes ahead. The soldiers will hang around the hall ahead, making it difficult for you to progress.
  12. TIP: Head over to the left side of this area, taking cover behind the low wall. The soldiers will be down the hall to your right. In the corner ahead, you’ll find Ammunition, and another crawlspace in the wall ahead. Crouch down and go through it.
  13. When you come out the other side, stop. There will be soldiers running past through the pathway on the right. When they’re gone crawl to the left and find a Compress.
  14. Crouch and make a left, and crawl straight ahead through the next crawlspace in front of you.
  15. Wait for the tank in the street to be facing the other way, and then crouch/run quickly over to the doorway on the right.
  16. When you enter the next area, it will trigger the next objective. Head to the left, under the staircase, where you will find the Cardboard Box and a Compress.
  17. Sneak up the staircase (that you were just under). When you get to the top, you’ll hear Otacon give you advice about jumping over the gap ahead. Do so, and head into the next room.
  18. You’ll notice a soldier guarding the doorway up ahead. Sneak up behind him and dispose of him any way you see fit. To get him in a choke-hold from behind, get right up behind him, stop moving and then press and hold R1. You can’t have a rifle equipped, or you will simply knock the soldier down. Press Triangle to use the knife to execute the soldier. You can hide the soldier in the nearby locker if you wish.
  19. NOTE: If you are going for a perfect playthrough, you will have to just K.O. all opponents in your way.
  20. When he’s down, head through the door to the right and down the stairs. Go into the larger room ahead. In the locker straight ahead you’ll find a Regain item.
  21. When ready, head out the door to the left. Stay either crouched or crawling. You will pass arches to your right.
  22. Enter the building to the left of the arches. You will find stairs leading up to an area with planks of wood leading across the area. Walk slowly across, otherwise you will fall. You will be heading east at this point. When you get to the next landing, you will find two Instant Noodle items.
  23. Drop down into the new area. When ready, head down the main street, towards your objective marker. To the right, before you make it to the objective, find a Compress to under a window, slightly off the road.
  24. Head for the objective, which will trigger a cutscene. Otacon will introduce you to the Mk. II, and give you the Snake Eye.
  25. TIP: To the left of the objective (the Militia Safehouse), you will find the RPG-7. Needless to say, this is a pretty powerful weapon.
  26. After the conversation with Otacon, head back to the wooden planks that lead you up to the Instant Noodles items. Follow the boards across the gap, and drop down to get the extra RPG-7 ammo on the ledge.
  27. When this is accomplished, your next goal is to destroy the Stryker tank out to the north on the main road. Right when you come out of the building, you’ll see it to the left out on the road. Take it out with the RPG-7. It’s a sitting duck.
  28. Next head to the main objective marker in the northeast. Before leaving, you’ll need to head back and eliminate the other tank in the area to the southwest. Crawl through the small passageway on the far east side of the map, all the way north, towards the objective marker.
  29. After you have the extra RPG-7, make a point of taking out each of the PMC soldiers with the Operator Pistol one by one. The cluster of them near the (destroyed) tank can be taken out rather quickly if you hit the explosive barrels near their barricade.
  30. When that’s done, head west down the main stretch, and you’ll eventually discover the tank on the right. Take it out, and the rebels will thank you for it. You’ll then be free to explore the area at your leisure.

Act 1: Militia Safehouse

  1. NOTE: If you helped the rebels in the earlier section, you will able to cruise through this entire section fearlessly.
  2. Once inside, head straight, and make a left.
  3. You’ll need to equip your Night Vision.
  4. Hit L2 to bring up the Solid Eye, and then hit Square to switch it to Night Vision.
  5. Head straight ahead past the guard. You’ll find a Ration in the corner at the turn.
  6. Turn left and head down the path. You’ll come to a room. Find a Regain in the corner of the room.
  7. Go past the room and head up the stairs. In an offshoot room to the left, you’ll find a bunch of items: Ammunition, a Grenade, a Pistol, etc. Stock up on all you find.
  8. When you’re stocked head out and to the left, into a larger room where a rebel soldier is kneeling over a wounded other soldier. Find the Pentazemin on a box on the other side of the room. Also, there is a compress further along on the left.
  9. TIP: Find an iPod tune on the left as you leave the room.
  10. Head around the curve, into another large room. There’s nothing of value in there, so keep going.
  11. There is nothing of use in the room off to the right, either. Keep going.
  12. Explore the many rooms of the Militia Safehouse at your leisure. You’ll find a ton of ammunition, including RPG-7 ammo, a Playboy (in the northeast room), and other useful items. When you leave the northeast room, head out and make a right. Make another right, and then a left into a large room.
  13. Go straight through the large room you come to, and turn right up the hall.
  14. Turn left and go south down the hall, to the blocked passage. You’ll find RPG-7 ammo.
  15. Turn back around and head up the pathway, into the room straight ahead. Collect the items in the room (including a Petro Bomb) and head to the next objective on the left.

Act 1: Urban Ruins

  1. A cutscene occurs in which you meet Drebin, your shopkeeper throughout the remainder of the game. He can sell you new IDs for firearms, so you can use enemy firearms.
  2. After the cutscene you’ll walk out into the street, and get a call from Otacon. He’ll give you more information about the nature of the war.
  3. After the cutscene ends, you’ll have an M4 Custom gun.
  4. Make a U-turn out the way you came, go down the short alley, and find Instant Noodles, Ammunition and a Playboy. Then head left down to the end of the main path, and find an RPG-7 ammo.
  5. Facing the stairs you came in from, head left up a separate flight of stairs. Go up the stairs in the building, and find Ammunition and a Petro Bomb.
  6. Go back down into the main area. Head into the next building through a hole in the wall, and then another hole. Up on a cement block you’ll find more Ammunition.
  7. Continue forward and head to the left through the crawlspace. You’ll find a ration on the left up on a block. Continue forward through the next crawlspace and find a Compress.
  8. Continue forward through the main crawlpace in this area, and you’ll come to a window overlooking the street ahead.
  9. Turn to your immediate left, and find more ammunition.
  10. From the vantage point near the window, you can help a group of rebels eliminate some PMCs. They are hiding behind cars in the street. However, there is no real reason to do this.
  11. When you’re ready, head back through the crawlspace area. Make a right up onto the slab (where you found the Ration), and continue ahead through the path.
  12. Take the platforms up ahead, onto the second floor. The floor is damaged in this section, so you’ll need to shimmy Snake over to the next area.
  13. Drop down back to the first floor. Go straight, where you will come out of the building. Crawl to the right (partially under the building), and find a corpse with a Petro Bomb.
  14. Find the items back to the left of the building exit, mainly the iPod tune “Zanzibar Breeze.”
  15. When you’re ready, continue straight ahead and drop down into a room. Continue down the hall to the left, which triggers a cutscene.

Act 1: Downtown

  1. When the cutscene ends you’ll have acquired the Oil Drum for cover.
  2. Find a Handgun Light in a room to the left of the exit.
  3. Continue straight ahead down the main street. Loot the bodies in the street if you feel the need, as they hold supplies and Ammunition.
  4. You’ll come a section where rebels are pinned down behind some cars ahead. The PMCs are ahead to the right behind a barricade. Throw a Grenade at them (if you want), then move in to mop up any remaining.
  5. Otacon will speak to you, and recommend that you avoid the street up ahead. Take his advice, since the PMCs have a tank and many soldiers.
  6. TIP: Alternatively, you can take an alley off to the right of your former position, head up the stairs on the building on the left, and find the Mortar launcher. Use it to make quick work of the soldiers ahead in the street, including the tank (!). Don’t do this if you’re going for a perfect playthrough.
  7. TIP: To take the passive route, make a right off the main road, and head through the short system of alleyways to go around the warfare. If you take this path, you’ll come to a section with heavy warfare up ahead. If you want to get back to the main road, you’ll need to shimmy through a small space between two buildings on the left. This will take you back to the main road (where you potentially blew up the tank).
  8. The safest route, however, is to hug the rightmost wall on the map, taking the alley towards the objective marker.
  9. Take a moment to shoot off the main path and get items in the building on the left.
  10. Avoid any intense firefights, and crawl a lot, using the Octocamo to blend in. The soldiers will be mostly blind to you, unless you get way too close.
  11. Get to the objective marker. When you enter the door, a cutscene occurs.

Act 1: Advent Palace

  1. Take a moment to explore the first floor, and find several items scattered around: a Playboy, a Claymore, Noodles, etc.
  2. TIP: don’t bother with being stealthy in the palace, but do watch out for traps.
  3. Go up to the second floor. Shoot out any traps in your way. Bear right down the pathway, and go through the new door. In the bathroom find a Smoke Grenade.
  4. Continue into the second bathroom area, and then go through a hole in the wall. To your right, you will a laser-trap. Do not go that way. You’ll need to find a way around the sensors.
  5. To the left on top of some rubble, find the Instant Noodles.
  6. Head up to the third floor. Go straight and into a room on the right. It’s a kitchen. Make your way through the kitchen, and out into the next area. Shoot out and traps you encounter with the Pistol.
  7. Find an iPod tune in the next room over, in the southwest of the map.
  8. When you’re ready continue along the south wall, past a set of pay phones. When you exit out into the hall, make sure you shoot out the mine near the stairs.
  9. Go up to the fourth floor.
  10. Head left and into a bar area (shoot out the trap).
  11. Head right over the top of the bar, and near the far wall find Instant Noodles and more Ammunition.
  12. Head out into the hall and trigger a cutscene.
  13. The battle will now start.
  14. IMPORTANT: Do your best to use non-lethal bullets only on the Haven Troopers. If you do so, later you’ll be awarded the Frog Soldier Doll. Use the Mk. 2 Pistol.
  15. During the cutscene, where the soldier is on his knees feeling sick, follow the on-screen prompt and push X rapidly to trigger as many secret flashbacks as possible.
  16. When the first encounter begins, start by shooting the Haven Troopers immediately, aiming for headshots every single time if possible. This first battle with them shouldn’t be too tough.
  17. Head straight forward down the path. When you come to the next area, the Haven Troopers will be swinging from the roof. This part can be become pretty overwhelming. If you focus on headshots and are systematic, you’ll come out on top.
  18. Follow the team down the stairs to the third floor.
  19. They will shoot at you from the ledge across the gap. Take cover behind the low wall, and pop out momentarily to pick them off. Don’t ignore the soldiers up on the higher floor, they’ll shoot down at you. Remember to aim straight for their heads. That is the only way the Mk 2 is effective.
  20. Keep moving through the rooms on the second floor. The area is flooded with Haven Soldiers. Follow your teammates when you’re ready to proceed.
  21. When they jump down the hole (where the laser trap previous was), don’t jump down with them yet. Instead, jump over the hole using X, and on the other side you’ll find a few items: a GP30 (lets you add a grenade launcher onto the AK, do so when you have a second), and some Ammunition.
  22. When ready, jump down into the hole to follow your teammates. You’ll be in a bathroom, where you’ll find a Stun Grenade.
  23. Head into the next room and find some Instant Noodles. When ready head into the main room, where the battle continues. Take down all of the Haven Troopers. There are only a few of them. You should be accustomed to using the Mk. 2 at this point.
  24. Head towards the elevator to trigger the next cutscene. Your teammates jump down the elevator shaft. Before doing so yourself, make sure you search the area for items. You’ll find a Smoke Grenade, a Grenade and some Ammunition.
  25. When you’re ready jump down and watch the cutscene. You’ve finally defeated all of the Haven Troopers.
  26. TIP: Before you leave make sure you grab the Frog Soldier Doll! It’s in the B1/garage area, right next to a tire against the wall behind Snake (if you managed to eliminate all of the soldiers using non-lethal rounds).

Act 1: Crescent Meridian

  1. When you’re ready, head up and out of the basement area on the platform of rubble.
  2. Follow the path over the boxes. You’ll come to an open area to the left with some intense warfare in the street. Walk out into the area, and trigger a cutscene.
  3. TIP: Observe the map. Your ultimate goal is to make it all the way to the northwest position, to the objective marker.
  4. When the cutscene ends, use the barricades for cover and then move into the small room on the right. Follow the alleyway around to the right.
  5. Rather than going back out into the open space, crawl down through the crawlspace ahead, and find a Ration and some Ammunition. Go back out the crawl space, and climb up the ladder directly next to it. You can grab onto the ledge there and shimmy across to the other side of the street. Press Triangle to shimmy across. On the other side you’ll find some Ammunition.
  6. Go back across or drop down, and continue northward. You’ll come to some rebels pinned behind a van. Take the alley to the left, and climb the ladder up to the roof. When you’re up there you’ll immediately encounter a crouched PMC. Waste him, and he’ll yield the Automatic Sniper Rife. Also, you’ll find the Javelin (!).
  7. Go back down the ladder, and continue northward. At this point you’ll encounter some fairly heavy enemy resistance. On the left you’ll find another ladder. Take it up to the roof (if you want a shortcut over the street). Jump down to the ground level and trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene, follow the prompt and hold LI to get a good look at Laughing Octopus from Snake’s eyes.
  8. When the cutscene ends, that concludes the Crescent Meridian section.

Act 1: Millennium Park

  1. When you’re ready, collect the ammo from the murdered soldiers. If you need anything extra, remember to loot their bodies holding Triangle.
  2. Head straight down the path while crawling, and make sure your Octocamo has adjusted. Stay all the way on the left side, and you won’t need to engage the enemy soldiers patrolling right next to you in the middle of the street.
  3. Go past the box on the right, and some barbed wire barricades in the street. There will be a soldier patrolling back and forth in the middle of the street. Wait until he’s walked the other way, and then crawl past.
  4. Head into the of-shoot alleyway to the left. Right as you enter the building, find the iPod tune “Theme of Solid Snake.”
  5. Go up the stairs. You’ll find some Ammunition, and an enemy to the left ready to snipe you. Take him out any way you see fit (we used the Mk. 2 tranquilizer as he walked in front of us). Do not fall down the hole yet. Enter the door to the left of the hole, and walk straight ahead (there’s another hole on your right, don’t fall down). You’ll find a Playboy in this room.
  6. When you’re ready, drop down the hole straight ahead.
  7. Under a table you’ll find a Ration. Check the lockers for some items.
  8. Right when you drop down, search the locker for the M4 Suppressor. This is for the M4 Assault Rifle. Modify the weapon if you wish. The other lockers have other lesser items. Search them and stock up.
  9. When you’re ready, leave the enclosure and crawl out into the open. You’re objective marker will be northwest, to the left diagonally.
  10. Make your way that way, avoiding the patrolling soldier. If you crawl carefully they should have no way to spot you.
  11. Head all the way to the left of the map, and you’ll come to an arched crawlspace. Go through it, and you’ll see some large tankers parked in the area. Under the truck, find a Compress.
  12. Remain crawling at all times, unless you’re completely sure no one is around you, and then stay crouched. If you are seen, get to an isolated area, blend in, and hold Triangle to “play dead,” which will eventually kill the alert level.
  13. In order to enter the compound and reach the objective marker in the northwest, you’ll need to enter through a pink door right to the southwest of the marker on your map. Enter the door when you’re ready, and trigger the cutscene.

Act 2: Solid Sun

Act 2: Mission Briefing

  1. TIP: Notice the “press select for help” text on the screen during the briefing. Press it to get a listing of controls during these scenes. Wait for the moment when the mission briefing switches to split-screen, then press Square to take control over the Mk. II. Navigate it quickly around both floors of the area to find some extra items. On the ground floor you can find a Camera (used to take pictures in the field) near a desk. Also downstairs, you can find a Battery, which we’re guessing will help your night vision goggles stay powered when you need them. Head upstairs to find the iPod tune “Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django.”
  2. NOTE: To make this section more comfortable, you’ll want to swap the Mk. II’s view to full-screen. To do this, press Triangle to put the Mk. II onto the left main window, then press L2 to make that window entirely full-screen. Otherwise navigating the Mk. II will have you squinting during these sections.

Act 2 – Cove Valley Village

  1. Watch the cutscene. Remember to tap X rapidly to trigger a stream of flashbacks during the cutscene. You’ll watch Laughing Octopus annihilate some soldiers.
  2. TIP: Right as the mission starts, you’ll notice some PMC soldiers holding prisoners at gunpoint. We dig the rebels, so we attempted to snipe the PMC soldiers and set the boys free. This worked, sort of. When you take out the PMCs standing right over the bound rebels, the rebels get up quickly and say something like “get guns!” Which they do. They then proceed to get executed anyway. However, when they restocked they apparently opened a room to the right of your starting position. When the caution level runs out, go inside the room. You’ll find a bunch of items, the most notable being a Double-Barrel Shotgun, a Muna (restores Psyche) and a South American Rebel Disguise.
  3. Follow the rooftops in front of your starting position, over to the furthest roof and climb in the window. You’ll find a Ration. Across the gap, you’ll spot some ammunition and a weapon. You will need to time your jump/roll (press X) perfectly to get across to the other ledge. You’ll find an SVD Automatic Sniper Rifle.
  4. On the bottom floor of this building, towards the back, find a C4.
  5. Head to the left, across from the room with the Double-Barrel Shotgun, and crawl under the deck of the building. You’ll find a Smoke Grenade. Crawl out from under the deck, and go inside this building. You’ll find the iPod tune “The Fury.”
  6. Get up on the roof to the left of the building containing the iPod, and you’ll find a Petro Bomb.

Act 2 – Cove Valley Village (Hill)

  1. When ready, start the journey towards the objective marker in the northeast. Search the bodies along the way. If you sniped the PMC soldiers earlier, this will be a pretty quiet journey.
  2. NOTE: You should be in a pretty good place to use some of your accrued DP (Drebin Points) and buy some choice gear. Remember to take a look at his selection often, as he adds new items regularly. We recommend purchasing the Mosin-Nagant, which is a non-lethal sniper rifle.
  3. To the east, where the path is blocked, you will find a Playboy near the fence.
  4. Head north up the grass steps. There are some enemies patrolling this area, hidden up on certain steps. Don’t just run through this area, you’ll get spotted very quickly. Stay crouched, using the Solid Eye to help you steer clear of any PMCs. If you are spotted, get down into the grass in the south, lie die down and play dead (press Triangle). The PMCs should blaze right past you in this position.
  5. Start your ascent up the steps from the east-most edge of the grass steps. Get up the first two steps, then the third. Stay crouched, and stay on the east side of the steps.
  6. TIP: There is a store-building right in the middle of the series of steps. We found one PMC guarding it, which we easily sniped from a distance. You might choose to use a Pentazemin to hold your arms steady (use the Mosin-Nagant if you bought it).
  7. Get up to the building, through the small garden from the west. You’ll find a Stun Grenade.
  8. Continue up through the remainder of the grass steps, and head through the narrow passageway. Make your way around the corner to the west into the next area.
  9. You’ll get a Codec call from Campbell. Watch the cutscene.
  10. When it ends continue westward, through to the next large area.
  11. There’s some fairly heavy enemy resistance in this area. Crawl through, and hug the west-most wall. This should lead you totally around the first batch of them. When you do this you’ll find a separate, hidden pathway that you can crawl through along the west wall.
  12. There is a building in the north-most wall of this area. Head for it. There is a large rock directly south of the building (in the middle of the area on the map) with a crawlspace under it. Crawl through it, and make for the building. You’ll need to incapacitate the patrolling PMCs when you get to the store-house in the north section. Do so from a crawling position. You will find Ammunition there.
  13. Make your way east towards the objective marker.

Act 2 – Power Station

  1. When this section begins, you’ll be up against a strong enemy resistance.
  2. TIP: Hug the west-most wall of the area, crawling the whole way. Shake the Sixaxis Controller to manually blend Snake in with is surroundings.
  3. Continue northward up the pathway along the way. There will be a battle raging between PMCs and Rebels, but don’t get involved.
  4. NOTE: You can pick up some weapons from downed PMCs, for instance the PSA3 Assault Rifle.
  5. Make your way from rock to rock in the middle section, choosing your moments wisely. Use the Solid Eye.
  6. TIP: When you can see the Power Station up ahead, you’ll be pinned down by PMCs shooting from barricades in front of the building. To move quickly through the area, we sniped 4-5 PMCs using the Mosin-Nagant.
  7. When ready, cross the battlefield and make your way for the truck in front of the building. Hide there until your alert level (if you’ve incurred one) has gone.
  8. Come out from under the truck, and head through the wall into the structure. You’ll need to crawl into the building itself through a crawlspace at your feet. Find a Playboy in the crawlspace. Turn right down the next turn, and find a Compress. Turn left next, and in the next corner find a Regain (these items are easy to find with your Night Vision on).
  9. Come back out of the crawlspace, and carefully enter the Power Station through the door. At this point, the Rebels finally destroyed the Power Station controls, calling out cries of victory. The PMCs in the area disappear when this happens, so explore the area at your leisure.
  10. Head for the marker in back of the building, and trigger a cutscene with Drebin.
  11. TIP: During the cutscene with Drebin, make sure to hold L1 when the on-screen prompt tells you. This will give you a good look at the B&Bs (Beauty and the Beast) enemies flying through the air. There are a couple more of these opportunities. Follow the prompts as Drebin talks about Mantis.

Act 2 – Power Station (Part 2)

  1. When the section begins, head straight ahead to a fork in the road. You can either go left or right down separate paths.
  2. NOTE: If you haven’t already, head back to the east towards the power station. The eastern backyard area of the power station is sealed off, but there are a lot of items up on the tower inside. To reach it, head over to the west yard (through the back door of the power station itself), climb up to the tower, and then hang down from the catwalk using Triangle. Move over and shimmy across on one of the power lines to the east yard. Drop down to find a bunch of items up on the catwalk. Among them: Rifle Scope, Anesthetic Rounds, Ammunition. Down below in the yard itself, find more Ammunition, a PSS (silenced pistol) and Pentazemin. Finally, for the big reward, find the FIM-92A, a portable surface-to-air missile launcher.
  3. When you’re ready, decide whether to go left or right down the path. We chose to head left. If the Power Station was destroyed, the area will only have rebels in it. Explore the area at your leisure.
  4. As you head through the area, you’ll find a bunch of items: a Sleep Gas Mine, Playboy (near a stack of wood), Carbine XM8 and Javelin ammo, among others.
  5. Head through a small doorway between the rocks into the next large area. Find the few items in the middle of the area. Continue onward towards the objective marker, and trigger a cutscene.

Act 2 – Confinement Facility

  1. This is a huge area. There are three main areas: the northeast, the southeast, and the northwest. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we will highlight one of those paths towards the objective marker, giving strategies and item locations.
  2. When the section begins, head northeast along the path there. Snipe any patrolling PMCs along the ledges. when it’s safe, drop down onto the ledge to the east. Follow it while crouched, and get up onto the dirt path along the hillside (with wood railing on the left). Follow it.
  3. Soon enough, you’ll come into view of the facility in the northeast. We used the Mosin-Nagant to snipe any and all PMCs in view. We took out about six PMCs before getting withing 100 yards of the facility.
  4. When ready, crawl along the dirt path, and make your way towards the facility. If you clear out enough PMCs, rebels will move in and attempt to secure the facility. Assist them whenever you can.
  5. Move around to the south side of the facility, along the rode. Again, use the Mosin-Nagant to snipe any PMCs. To the east along the road, you’ll spot a Stryker tank. We know we’re supposed to be stealthy, but we decided to go ahead and use the RPG-7 to destroy it anyway. Sorry.
  6. NOTE: Make sure to loot the bodies of the soldiers as you secure the facility. We found an XM320 this way.
  7. Move around to the north side of the facility and enter through the door. Loot the facility for supplies. Among them: a Chaff Grenade, Instant Noodles and in the east-most room find a Playboy along with the iPod tune “Metal Gear 20 Years History Part 3.”
  8. In the storeroom in the northwest of the facility, find an M870 Custom Pump-Action shotgun, and Ammunition. Also around the side of the storeroom, find a Playboy.
  9. In the northeast storeroom, find two Playboys.
  10. Don’t forget to climb up the tower to the west, to find anesthetic rounds and some Ammunition.
  11. When you’re ready, head to the northwest towards the objective marker.

Act 2 – Vista Mansion

  1. Watch the cutscene. Because we chose the northeast objective marker, this put us in the middle pathway, south of the Vista Mansion. Your goal here is to head through the large battlefield north and get to the mansion.
  2. The Rebels will immediately start fighting with PMCs. Ignore this, and hug the west-most wall, crawling the whole way. The enemy forces should be pretty well distracted by the rebels, so don’t feel too much need to go incredibly slow. Just snipe anyone in your immediate way with tranquilizers.
  3. There will be two PMCs perched near a large log, which you’ll need to take out to proceed.
  4. NOTE: Find the M60E4 general purpose machine gun from one of the PMC bodies.
  5. When you head north far enough, Otacon will talk to you and mention how the Rebels are attempting to break into the Vista Mansion using a bulldozer. He says, “Give it some cover!” We had apparently already sniped enough PMCs, because the bulldozer rolled straight through the Vista Mansion gate.
  6. When the cutscene ends, head into the breached Vista Mansion gate. Loot the PMC bodies you come across for items.
  7. NOTE: Find the PKM machine gun on the PMC bodies.
  8. Crouch along towards the mansion.
  9. NOTE: Find the M72A3 Anti-tank Rocket on a PMC body, near some boxes to the left of the breached entrance.
  10. There will be a few PMCs perched up on the deck of the mansion. This section is a bit tricky, because they have the high ground, and sneaking past them right out in the open is tough. Instead, we used the Mosin-Nagant to take them all down. You need to use a Pentazemin to hold steady for the PMC up on the roof area manning a large gun.
  11. Head to the back of the mansion. While there are probably a few ways to enter the mansion, we chose to dive in through a back window using X. This seemed to be the most satisfying.
  12. This will position you in the mansion’s north hall. Explore the mansion. Head left from where you dove in, and enter the dining room area. Find Ammunition inside the fireplace.
  13. Head back out into the hall.
  14. TIP: Stay crawling in the mansion. The PMCs can spot you from the windows outside.
  15. Come back out into the hall, make a left into the next room. Loot it for items.
  16. When ready, head to the upstairs area of the mansion. Crawl up. When you get to the top, make a left and go into the bedroom. Find a Ration on the table, and a Playboy on the other table.
  17. We noticed a poster up on the roof near the fan, above the bed. Stand on the bed, and look straight up. You can enter first-person mode to get a closer look. It’s a poster of a model, Akina Minami. Snake will say something when he sees her.
  18. Exit the bedroom out onto the roof. You can use the mortar shot to eliminate any PMCs down in the battlefield, if you wish. Proceed to the open skylight area on the roof, and drop down. Head down into the basement.
  19. Head straight through the hall, collecting items as you go. You’ll find a Claymore on the table on the left. To the right up ahead, you’ll find a Grenade and a Stun Grenade in the stall area.
  20. Follow the path and you’ll come to a ladder. Go up to trigger a cutscene.

Act 2 – Research Lab

  1. Watch the cutscene with Naomi. There’s are two hidden cutscenes during this section, where Snake will take a closer look at Naomi. Follow the link if you want to see where they are. Otherwise just watch.
  2. After the cutscene ends, you will need to fight quite a lot of Haven Troopers. They will flood into the research facility, and an alert will be triggered.
  3. TIP: If you’re going for a perfect playthrough, or just in general would rather stealth, use tranquilizers (Mk. 2, or Mosin Nagant).
  4. TIP: If you don’t care about getting a perfect playthrough, you can use the M870 Custom Pump-Action Shotgun (you should have found it in the Confinement Facility in a storeroom, in the northeastern area). The shotgun is a one-hit wonder.
  5. We chose to use the Mosin-Nagant, using L1, and pressing Triangle to go out of zoom mode and use it like a regular gun. The Mosin-Nagant is faster and more effective in a quick fight than the Mk. 2.
  6. TIP: Stay crouched right in the room you start in, near the bed on the right side of it. This will give you a fairly good backed-in-corner position to see them enter the area from the left or right. Pick them off as soon as you can.
  7. TIP: We found that throwing a couple Smoke Grenades out into the hall was an effective way to put a few of them to sleep. Eventually the alert level will fade. At that point you can get up and move freely around the Research Lab.
  8. Find a Compress in the room with the muscle-skeleton, near the bed.
  9. Head down the hall and trigger the cutscene. Get ready for a fight with Laughing Octopus.

Act 2 BOSS: Laughing Octopus

  1. Laughing Octopus is a flying, morphing, mechanized Beast with tentacles. She can be very quick, and at times, very invisible. She will use a machine gun, her tentacles to swipe you, a devastating roll-attack and various illusions to distract you and hide. One of the main challenges of this boss fight is learning to track her consistently around the map when she disappears. Below are a few strategies we used to take her out. Remember to equip Snake’s Night Vision Goggles if you completely lose her, she will show up glowing.
  2. NOTE: On our first playthrough, we chose to use the M4 Custom Machine Gun on her for the majority of the fight.
  3. NOTE: On our second playthrough, we used the Mosin-Nagant, pressing L1 and then Triangle to exit first-person mode. In this style, remember you will be aiming to completely deplete her Psyche, not her health. If you’re doing this, you’re definitely aiming to acquire the Laughing Octopus Doll.
  4. HER VARIOUS FORMS: A dead Haven Soldier, a muscular-system skeleton, Naomi crying for help, connected pumps in the room with machines, blended into the walls, the Mk. II as Otacon and a portrait hung at the end the hall. If you see her as any of these forms, immediately open fire and get in some good damage.
  5. If you get in point-blank range of her, she will open fire with a sub-machine gun, and hit you with her tentacles. Whenever you engage her, try and be about ten feet away. This can help ensure accuracy but is far enough away to keep her from attacking.
  6. TIP: When she rolls up into a ball, and starts rolling at you, you’ve got to get up on top of something immediately. It will be a near instant-death if she hits you with this attack.
  7. TIP: Stay out of the hall as much as possible, as she will periodically dive in and attack you. This seems to be a no-block attack.
  8. At times she will shoot slow-moving missiles at you. If she does this, run into another room, around a corner, etc. The missiles will usually hit an obstruction before hitting you.
  9. Whenever she clings to the ceiling, open fire on her, and she will fall. don’t fire at her when she curls up into a ball, as she is temporarily invincible in that form.
  10. Avoid walking into the black mist she sprays. When she turns into black mist, it’s time to fall back and reset.
  11. NOTE: She has an attack where she will impale Snake with a tentacle, and give him a bit of electro-shock. During this phase, it’s especially important to shoot-and-move. She’ll be very fast with this attack if you stay in her line of sight for too long.
  12. NOTE: Grenades are minimally effective, don’t bother.
  13. When you wear down her health, a cutscene will occur and she will shed her suit.

Act 2 BOSS: Laughing Octopus Phase 2 – Laughing Beauty

  1. In her Laughing Beauty form, try and take her out using all tranquilizers. Doing so will award you with the Laughing Beauty FaceCamo.
  2. This next fight isn’t so bad. She is very slow-moving, and not much of an immediate threat. Stay as far away from her as possible, and take careful shots at her. She is pretty evasive, and you’ll be hitting air a lot of time.
  3. If she gets too close, she’ll grab Snake and embrace him, which causes a fair amount of damage. Shake L to get her off.
  4. When she’s down, watch the cutscene, which ends Act 2.
  5. NOTE: If you’ve eliminated the Laughing Beauty using all non-lethal attacks, Snake will pick up the Laughing Beauty FaceCamo.
  6. NOTE: If you defeated her in her suited Octopus form using all non-lethal attacks, make sure as soon as the Laughing Beauty fight starts you run over to the northeast room on the map, and find the Laughing Beauty Doll on the bed.

Act 2 – Mountain Trail

  1. Watch the cutscene. Remember to get the flashbacks by following the prompts and pressing X rapidly.
  2. In this next section, you have no objective marker, and you’ll need to use the Night Vision Goggles to track Naomi’s footprints.
  3. When the cutscene ends and then head west, following the footprints.
  4. Collect a Ration on your right as you head forward. Head to the left around a large rock, and then curve around to the right up the path.
  5. Turn right at the first turn you can. You’ll find a soldier urinating into the river. Sneak up behind him, stop, press and hold L1 to grab him, and then dispose of him any way you wish. You’ll find a Fore-Grip B to the right of his former position.
  6. Head back, make a right to the west and continue onward. Make the next right and you’ll head out across a bridge over the river, into the next area.
  7. When you’re over the bridge, Otacon will say, “looks like they split up here.”
  8. There will be a PMC patrolling this area. Snipe him, then move on. Loot his body for some Ammunition.
  9. Head northwest, up a small path to a dead end. You’ll find some Instant Noodles here.
  10. Head back the other way, and take a left, northward up the middle path. You’ll find some items this way in a storehouse: a Stun Grenade, a Playboy and some Ammunition for the PSS.
  11. You’ll have to head back down, and make a left, heading north down the third pathway to the next area.
  12. Make the next right you can, heading east. Otacon will point out Naomi’s bra hanging on some rocks.
  13. Take out the two PMCs patrolling the storehouse.
  14. You will find a Playboy in this next area in a small storehouse. You will also find a MP7 Light Submachine Gun. Find the RPG-7 behind the storehouse.
  15. Continue north to the next area. At the next clearing, you’ll find some ammo and a PMC soldier. Snipe him and move on. Head east, over the river. Otacon will tell explain that Naomi’s trail vanishes at this point.
  16. Head over the river and take the south path, to the right.
  17. The PMCs will try very hard to ambush you in the next clearing. One will be hiding behind a log. Crawl into the area slowly and take them out sequentially.
  18. Head around the curve, to the north (left).
  19. At the next clearing, take a hard left and head north. Follow the path to a small clearing. A PMC will be waiting for you, crouched and hidden. Snipe him. Otacon will mention that the Solid Eye is giving your position away. Un-equip it, as he suggests.
  20. Continue along the path. When you come to a fork, stay to the left, and take the north path. You’ll encounter a few Haven Soldiers. They are very persistent. You may consider tossing a Stun Grenade at them before they can launch an offensive.
  21. Keep following the path to the next clearing. Take out the single patrolling PMC. Watch out for the mine in the middle.
  22. You’ll come to a place with three paths. Choose the north-most path, and you’ll come a dead end. Collect all the items, including some Instant Noodles. Notice the granite block in the center of the area. Examine it closely. You’ll notice some signatures and hand-prints on the slab. It is the signatures of the game’s developers, including Hideo Kojima.
  23. Head back out of the dead-end area, and make a hard left. Proceed south along the path towards the next clearing.
  24. You’ll come to a large rock in the area’s center. Choose a path around, and crawl slowly along. Snipe the Haven Soldier in the clearing. She drops a DSR-1 Bullpup-Style Bolt-action Sniper Rifle.
  25. Continue onward. Hug the left-most wall. Several Haven Soldiers will be patrolling. We used a few Smoke Grenades to take them down. Move on when they’re down.
  26. Avoid the mines. Notice Naomi’s purple shoes along the path.
  27. The next clearing will have a single PMC patrolling. Snipe him and move on.
  28. Follow Naomi’s footprints to the right. Otacon will mention how there are many footprints, and security is getting tighter. Follow the right path.
  29. When you come to the next fork, you’ll notice that two sets of footprints (one to the north), lead into cave. Go into the cave, and trigger the next cutscene.

Act 2 – Marketplace

  1. The goal is simple. Don’t die, and escape aboard the Stryker.
  2. Immediately man the gun turret, and wreak havoc on the zombie-like PMC soldiers.
  3. Once you eliminate enough of them, a cutscene occurs. When it’s over, many, many Gekkos will be in the road ahead. Use the gun turret to take them down (quickly) one by one.
  4. TIP: If any of the zombie/PMCs make it on the Stryker, break out the 12-Gauge Shotgun to blast them off quickly.
  5. Soon enough, Drebin will continue driving. You’re next destination is the Power Station.
  6. Stay behind the gun turret. When you get to the green gate, focus all of your firepower on it.
  7. TIP: If the tank in the area gets in the way, or becomes too threatening, turn the gun turret on it and destroy it.
  8. You’ll eventually shoot through the gate. When Drebin drives you through, continue firing the gun turret. You’ll need to be very fast in this section taking out the Gekkos. Shoot the tank that rams you from the side.
  9. The next sequence will occur. Drebin will make a hard right, and more Gekkos will be leaping around. Destroy them, and keep shooting everything in site.

Act 2 – Marketplace Pt 2

  1. A cutscene will occur. Drebin’s Stryker has crashed, and Raiden makes his flashy appearance.
  2. When you regain control, you’ll need to make it past a whole slew of Gekkos patrolling the marketplace street. On foot. This won’t be exactly easy, but at the same time, the strategy is simple. Get to the objective marker, any way you can. Trying to kill the Gekko is not an option.
  3. TIP: If you’re feeling adventurous, wait until the Gekko stomp into the area and smash open a few crates behind you (away from the crashed Stryker). When they do, make a mad dash for the items. If the Gekko kicks, you’ll probably die. You can make the Gekko chase you around the series of boxes in the area, and it will be too slow to catch you, if you’re lucky. The rewards: the hidden iPod Tune “Bon Dance” and a Playboy.
  4. When you’re ready, head towards the objective marker.
  5. Trash through the area. This is one of the more non-stealthy sequences in the game.
  6. Head straight for the objective marker. When you get to a right-hand turn, jump over the low wall for a brief short cut around the Gekko, and then turn right.
  7. TIP: You can use Chaff Grenades, to temporarily disable the Gekko. This is a very temporary solution, though. They will soon regain composure.
  8. When you come to the section ahead with a Gekko completely blocking your path, make a mad dive over the road block to the right, doing your best to avoid its sweeping attack. If you’re lucky you’ll barely avoid the Gekko’s sweeping leg and trigger the cutscene to end the chapter.

Act 3: Third Sun

Act 3 – Mission Briefing

  1. Watch the cutscene, in which Sunny and Naomi bond and make eggs in the kitchen.
  2. TIP: Make sure that you take control of the Mk. II during the mission briefing when the screen switches to a split-screen mode (press Square). Navigate the Mk. II around the area to discover some hidden items. On the ground floor, head past Naomi sitting at her desk, to the back of the area and find two containers of Ammunition. Head upstairs, and find a Battery in the left corner on the ground. Also, find a Compress. In front of the refrigerator, find the hidden iPod tune “Sin Bokura no Taiyou Theme.”
  3. TIP: If you ram the Mk. II into Otacon, you can unlock his FaceCamo.
  4. NOTE: While you’re upstairs, you can get a closer look at the dolls/figurines you have collected so far. They will be sitting on top of the desk.

Act 3 – Eastern Europe – Midtown Sector

  1. Your goal is make contact with the resistance, and find Big Momma.
  2. When you regain control over Snake, you’ll need to identify the “Resistance” member, and tail him back to Big Momma’s hideout.
  3. As Otacon said, you’ll need to use the Signal Interceptor to zero-in on a member.
  4. When you regain control, head to the right down the street. Head forward, after Snake intercepts a resistance signal and trigger the cutscene.
  5. When the cutscene ends, you’ll need to tail the whistling resistance member. Hide behind the van, right against the hood until he moves off to the right ahead.
  6. Walk slowly, about 20-30 feet behind him at all times. When he stops, take a moment to pause behind an obstruction to keep Snake hidden. Be very slow and patient during this part. You can’t rush through it.
  7. When you curve around to the left, you’ll come a section where you need to snipe some PMC soldiers in order to clear the path for the resistance fighter. We used the Mosin-Nagant to clear the way. We recommend using tranquilizers, rather than loud fire. This is a very stealthy mission.
  8. When the first PMC soldier is down, continue to tail the whistling resistance member. Crawl up behind the truck on the left, and observe another PMC blocking the path to the right ahead. Crawl SLOWLY forward, to the parked car ahead, and crouch behind the hood of the car. From here, you can snipe the PMC ahead with the Mosin-Nagant. Do so and then follow the resistance member.
  9. ALTERNATIVE: Double back, away from the resistance member, and make the first right you come to. Turn right and go up the steps. You’ll now be positioned on a balcony area, overlooking the PMC soldiers ahead. The resistance member will be peeking around the corner on the right. From here, you should be able to stealthily snipe the PMCs.
  10. NOTE: This can be an easy section to lose the resistance member. Watch him very closely. He’ll proceed up the path ahead, past the second downed PMC soldier and make a left at the turn. He will eventually make his way to a pathway branching off to the south from the large park area. Carefully follow him. When you go through the tunnel area it will trigger a checkpoint, and put you in the Midtown Central Sector.
  11. TIP: Never position yourself in front of his line of sight, always stay behind him. He will invariably spot you otherwise.
  12. NOTE: If you happen to lose the resistance member, you can zero-in on him again, and find him somewhere inside the blinking area on your map. You’ll need to start over and tail him to his hideout. Obviously, the best the way is to successfully tail him from the beginning.

Act 3 – Midtown Central Sector

  1. Continue south through the tunnel, and make a right to follow the resistance member around the corner. Pause before running around the corner, as the resistance member may pause here and he is easily spooked.
  2. Follow the resistance member as he heads past two PMCs on the right, under an archway near some pillars on the right.
  3. He will make a left, and head up some stairs. It can be very easy to be spotted by the PMCs at this point. Follow him up the stairs.
  4. He will move into the Riverside South area. Snipe the PMCs across the canal from a distance. You’ll also notice a patrolling helicopter panning a search light across the area. Avoid it, obviously.
  5. Head to the left, and make your way down the steps onto the canal walkway. He will continue ahead, and jump down into the water and go across to the other side. He will continue down the canal, and go into a small tunnel on the left of the canal walkway. Follow him through, which will trigger a checkpoint and the next map.

Act 3 – Midtown NW Sector

  1. The resistance member will cross the water to the other side of the canal. Follow him carefully. He will go up the steps on the left, and head southwest down the street. Follow him, and he will make a right, heading west.
  2. TIP: If at any point the PMCs attempt to arrest the resistance member, snipe them right as he has his hands up.
  3. After the PMCs are down, follow the resistance member as he turns right and then left (northwest). When you move forward, it will trigger a checkpoint, and the next map.

Act 3 – Midtown NE Sector

  1. The resistance member will head riskily forward, right past the PMCs in the street ahead. Follow him, crawling.
  2. He will move to the left, under cover of the system of pillars, and move forward, past the PMCs. Crawl and follow him.
  3. He will turn left (southwest), and continue down the new path. Follow him. He will make another hard left. Follow him again, and trigger a checkpoint and the new map.

Act 3 – Midtown N Sector

  1. TIP: The resistance member will head into an open gate on the left, and then emerge disguised as a PMC. You can tell by his gait and overall demeanor. Shoot out the PMCs to the right on the walkway that he encounters, and continue to follow him as he takes a left down the path.
  2. He will continue ahead to the left, and blend in with a few PMCs. Keep a close eye on him. His body is slimmer than the others and he doesn’t carry a gun. We chose to just follow him, rather than snipe these PMCs.
  3. He will eventually head up a short series of steps off the road to the northeast. Follow him once he has turned the corner. He will continue forward, and then make a right. Follow him. He will move out back onto the main road, and then straight ahead (west) down a new road.
  4. He will come to a “no right turn” sign, and then break off to the left (south) across the street. Continue to follow him.
  5. Follow him as he heads towards a dead end. A short cutscene will occur, in which the resistance member will go down an alley and then emerge in his normal attire. He will then head southeast, and trigger the final cutscene of this area. You have arrived at the resistance headquarters.

Act 3 – Big Momma

  1. Watch the cutscene, which introduces Big Momma.

Act 3 Motorcycle Chase pt 1

  1. When the cutscene ends, you will have acquired the Vz. 83 submachine gun.
  2. NOTE: Take note of the fact that you have infinite machine gun ammo.
  3. You new goal is to keep Big Boss’ body out of enemy hands.
  4. When you regain control of Snake, you’ll be riding on the back of Big Momma’s motorcycle. Don’t shoot the folks on black motorcycles, they are your friends.

Act 3 Motorcycle Chase pt 2

  1. When Big Momma turns left, waste the PMCs on the right. Keep following the two trucks. A Haven Soldier will be on top of the truck. Eliminate her (as long as you’re not going for a perfect playthrough).
  2. A short action sequence/cutscene will occur, where Big Momma takes the motorcycle over a jump, right over a bunch of PMCs below (you can still control Snake in slow-mo during this scene).
  3. Make sure to turn all the way around when Big Momma stops next, and eliminate the PMCs stationed there.
  4. Continue to shoot everything in site, focusing on protecting the black van ahead. Keep following it, and another cutscene will be triggered, featuring some flying Beasts.
  5. When you regain control, you’ll need to shoot down the flying Beasts. Do so. They should go down relatively quickly if you score a direct hit for a couple seconds.
  6. Keep fending off the flying Beasts, and the truck that comes out of an alley.
  7. TIP: Keep the gun trained upwards, as the flying Beasts will constantly swoop from above.
  8. NOTE: When the slow-motion action sequence occurs where a truck flips over the top of Snake, narrowly missing him, you can shoot the upside-down PMC soldier in the driver’s seat as she skims past.
  9. You will eventually trigger a cutscene, in which Big Bomma and Snake finally make it back up to the black van. Then the flying Beasts shoot a missile at the van, crashing it, along with Big Momma and Snake. Watch the cutscene. Next you will fight Raging Raven.

Act 3 BOSS: Raging Raven

  1. Raging Raven is a rocket-powered boss, and she will fly all around the map, swooping into the building at certain times and circling outside (for what seems like forever) at other times. She uses a grenade launcher at close range, plants timed bombs in the building, and is very difficult to pin down and actually hit. Below we’ve outlined a few strategies we used to shoot her down.
  2. NOTE: Remember that if you’re trying to obtain the Raging Raven Doll, you’ll need to shoot her down using all non-lethal attacks. We used the Mosin-Nagant on her the whole time, which was difficult but seemed more doable than using the Mk. 2 Pistol.
  3. TIP: The basic strategy against Raging Raven, is to keep moving on whatever floor you are on, waiting for her to burst into the room. When she does, move partially behind a pillar if you can, staying about 5-10 feet away, and open fire right on her chest. You will need to hit her literally right in the chest to score a hit with the Mosin-Nagant. Typically, you can get in about two solid hits, and then it’s time to dive-roll to the right or left and reset. She will fire her grenade launcher after a few seconds, and you need to dive out of the way.
  4. Her general attack flow is as follows: She will burst into building on the ground floor, then fly back out, and then burst into the building up on the first floor. Engage her on the ground floor, then up on the first floor, then back on the ground floor, etc.
  5. TIP: Towards the end of the fight, when Raging Raven’s health is about 10-20%, she will cease to swoop into the building. In order to attack her, you’ll need to go all the way up to the top floor, and snipe her as she swoops past. This can be difficult, but can be done with the proper technique. One strategy to try is to stand on one of the corners of the top the floor, and wait for her to swoop past on your left or right. Then zoom in with the Mosin-Nagant on the other side of the middle section, where she will emerge. Shoot right when she is in your sights.
  6. Keep the Solid Eye up at all times, so you can keep an eye on the Flying Beasts.
  7. TIP: At the very top of the map, you can find the hidden iPod tune “The Essence of Vince.”
  8. When you hear a bomb arming, make sure you run up, down or anywhere you can to get away from the current area. Otherwise you’ll take major damage.

Act 3 BOSS Phase 2 – Raging Beauty

  1. Like the Laughing Beauty, this is a very easy fight. Always stay about 15 feet away from her, and shoot her right in the body section. She will often completely dodge your shots, but enough of them will connect.
  2. Be careful not to let her get too close, as she will grab and squeeze Snake, causing moderate damage.
  3. When the fight ends, you’ll acquire the MGL-140 Grenade Launcher, and the Raging Beauty FaceCamo (if you killed her using the Mk. 2 or Mosin-Nagant, i.e. all non-lethal attacks).
  4. Watch the cutscene, in which Snake finally encounters Ocelot. This concludes Act 3.

Act 4: Twin Suns

Act 4 – Mission Briefing

  1. TIP: Remember, as always, to take control of the Mk. II (though it’s the Mk. III now) when the view switches to split-screen, and navigate it around the area to find hidden items. On the ground floor, find a Regain and some Ammunition. Remember to bump into Sunny to get the Cyborg Raiden FaceCamo Closed.
  2. On the top floor, find a hidden iPod tune, “Lunar Knights” main theme. Also, find a Battery.

Act 4 – Shadow Moses Island Heliport

  1. When you regain control of Snake, the graphics will have switched to the Metal Gear Solid style from the 1998 PlayStation original. All you have is a scope, cigs, rations and no items.
  2. Head to the right (east), to the side of the box-shaped area. Pause to avoid the panning search lights, and then run in to retrieve the item in the middle of the area. When ready, run across and acquire 3 Chaff Grenades.
  3. Run straight across and into the a side-room. Throw a chaff grenade in the room to temporarily disable the security camera. Inside, you’ll find three Stun Grenades.
  4. Head back out, and turn left, heading north. There are patrolling enemies up on the north side of the area. Wait for the first one to head to the right on his route, and then come up right behind him and press Square repeatedly to choke him out.
  5. TIP: You can hide in the back of the truck in the northwest section of the area.
  6. When ready, crawl east. Hug the topmost wall, and you’ll pass right under the security camera. Once you’re past it, head up the stairs, and up onto the second level.
  7. Pause at the top of the steps to avoid the patrolling enemy. You can go to the right, hide behind the corner there, and wait for the soldier to be walking the other way. When he is, run up behind him (the enemies can’t hear you run in the old MGS), and repeatedly tap Square to take him out.
  8. Crawl through the crawlspace in the center of the walkway. This will end Snake’s dream-sequence. You will have acquired the Snake’s MGS1 FaceCamo.

Act 4 – Shadow Moses Snowfield

  1. When you regain control of Snake, you’ll be in the middle of a snowfield, as the area is aptly titled.
  2. To see way, way better, equip your Night Vision Goggles. To the east of your starting position, find to Ammunition containers. To the south against the hillside, find more Ammunition.
  3. When ready, head west through the pathway. There are patrolling Gekkos in the area ahead. Go straight ahead, past a large rock to the right to find more Ammuntion.
  4. Your goal is due-west. Make sure to avoid the Gekkos at all costs. Go through the path ahead to the next area, the Shadow Moses Heliport.

Act 4 – Heliport

  1. You’ll notice a song has started to play, “The Best is Yet to Come.”
  2. TIP: If you head towards the large building, look up at the security camera on the right hand side. You’ll get the chance to trigger some secret flashbacks with X.
  3. In the middle of the Heliport you’ll find some Chaff Grenades.
  4. Head into the side-room to the left of the heliport, and look up at the other camera. This will give you 1000 DP.
  5. In the next room on that side, with a slim door, find an RPG-7. In this room on the left, crawl through the crawlspace on the left. In the next room over you’ll find a Stun Grenade, and a Ration.
  6. Underneath the tanker in front of the door to the Tank Hangar, find an Mk. 23 automatic pistol.

Act 4 – Tank Hangar

  1. You can throw a Chaff Grenade into the main building from the ground floor, which will temporarily disable the Dwarf Gekkos in the Tank Hangar.
  2. Once in the hangar, you’ll need to deal with all of the Dwarf Gekkos. Technically you can just sneak right past them if you’re careful. Their laser-sight is easy to avoid if you’re careful. They have moderate hearing, though, so be careful.
  3. Once in the hangar, make a right, and find a crawlspace. Go through it. Go past the first turn to the left, and take a left to find some Noodles. Go back out into the Tank Hangar.
  4. Once back in the hangar, make a break for the stairs on the other side of the room, and take them up to the right.
  5. Make your way to the room in the top right. Inside you’ll find a bunch of Ammunition.
  6. TIP: If you are in the mood, you can destroy some of the Dwarf Gekkos. Each time you do so you’ll be awarded 50 DP. Beware that their death explosions hurt Snake.
  7. When ready, head back out of the Tank Hangar, go up the stairs, and go through the crawlspace into the building. Follow it. In the crawlspace you’ll find the hidden iPod tune “Warhead Storage.”
  8. When you come out on the other side, you’ll need to drop down from the broken vent.
  9. Head back into the Tank Hangar, and crawl under the north door. You’ll need to sneak past the Dwarf Gekkos laser sighting. Wait until they are all pointing at the walls, and then make a break for it.

Act 4 – Canyon

  1. Head west to the far wall, and find the Ration. When ready, continue north. Be careful of the hiding Gekko in this area. Use the rocks for cover, and make a break for the far door when ready. To the right side of the door, near the pipes, you can crawl through and get a Ration and some Ammunition.
  2. Head inside the building.

Act 4 – Nuclear Warhead Storage Building 1F

  1. Head up the stairs on the left, and find a Ration at the end of the walkway.
  2. When ready, crawl through the doorway into the next room. You’ll get a call from Otacon.
  3. There are a bunch of items in this room, various Ammunition, like 5.56 x 44 mm in the middle of the room between the missiles and other varieties. Search a bit to find them. There are no enemies in this area, so explore it at your leisure.
  4. Otacon will call again. The door is locked. He will give you a password, 48273.
  5. Head to the north door on the second level, and use the panel to go through it.
  6. Take the elevator down to B2.

Act 4 – Nuclear Warhead Storage Building B2

  1. Head to the right, picking up any items you find as you go.
  2. Make a left into the next room and head south. You’ll find some Ammunition in this room, and Otacon will call. There are some cool references to MGS1 during their conversation.
  3. When the call ends, continue south. At the back wall find the hidden iPod tune “Metal Gear 20 Years History (Part 2).”
  4. When ready, crawl under the desk in the lower east side of the room, and continue down the hallway.
  5. Go down the hall into the room to the north, and trigger a cutscene. You’ll need to enter that password, 48273. During the ensuing cutscene, make sure you follow the on-screen prompts to trigger all of the flashbacks, pressing X.
  6. When you regain control of Snake, find a Playboy right in the middle of the office, and also various items scattered throughout.
  7. Head back to the exit, and encounter a Gekko. You’ll need to find a way around it.
  8. TIP: Recall what Otacon said before, about the electric floor. He said it wouldn’t be an issue, as long as you didn’t turn the electric floor back on. However, now you have a legitimate reason to: eliminating the Gekko. Take control of the Mk. III, camouflage it, and navigate it into the room with the Gekko. You can find the smashed control panel for the electric floor on the far end of the room, near the door. Push Triangle to have the Mk. III switch the floor back on. Watch the cool animation of the Gekko getting fried.
  9. When ready, head back to the elevator. Take it up back up to the first floor.

Act 4 – Nuclear Warhead Storage Building 1F (pt. 2)

  1. Follow Otacon’s directions. Take the stairs down and go the north door. When you arrive, the Mk. III will open the door. Before it can do so, a Gekko will enter the room. You’ll need to distract the Gekko so the Mk. III can open the door.
  2. TIP: Here is one process to gun down the Gekko, though you’ll expend quite a few bullets. Use the M4 Custom machine gun on its legs. This will bring it down on its knees. Then aim for the radar-looking device on the left of its head. It will eventually shatter. When this is accomplished, you’ll need to aim for the ball-shaped device on the top if its head. This will eventually cause the Gekko to explode.
  3. NOTE: You can backtrack through the storage building, through the canyon snowfield (collect the ammo in the field), and go back to the Tank Hangar. Go up to the second level (watch out for the Dwarf Gekko) to the shut door on the south side. Find the hidden iPod tune “Beyond the Bounds” from Zone of the Enders, and Suppressors for the M4.
  4. Head east straight ahead on the snowy platform and collect the Ammunition. To the left find more Ammunition before entering the Snowfield. Right as you enter the snowfield, enter the room off to left with an automatic door. Collect the items inside, and continue into the snowfield, triggering a cutscene.

Act 4 BOSS: Crying Wolf

  1. Crying Wolf is a mechanized wolf-like Beast. She will charge at Snake, throw grenades and fire her Rail Gun. She can be very fast and seemingly appear out of nowhere. To make matters worse, the area is crawling with Haven Soldiers. Here are a few techniques we used to take her down.
  2. When the battle starts, find the ration underneath the tank right in front of you. Take a moment to use the Mosin-Nagant to snipe out a few PMCs from a distance while underneath the tank. In general, take your time during this boss fight.
  3. You’ll need Night Vision activated in order to see through the snow storm.
  4. Crying Wolf’s Attacks: At close range, Crying Wolf will tackle Snake and cause major damage. Stay far away from her most of the time. Also, she can fire grenades at you. Finally, she arms a large Rail Gun that she will fire if she spots you. If the camera switches to first-person view from the point of the view of Crying Wolf, she is about to charge you. Dodge/roll out of the way. If you successfully dodge, you’ll have a couple seconds to get in a good shot or two. At the same time, don’t be afraid to get in Crying Wolf’s face. You can easily dodge/roll out of the way when she charges you, and then reset for another shot. It’s her Rail Gun that can be a problem. With the Night Vision Goggles enabled, aim directly for Crying Wolf’s glowing white area on her body (her head). This is the only place she can take damage.
  5. After an encounter with her, watch carefully to see which way she runs. Head that way to track her again.
  6. Spot crying wolf from a distance, and quickly hit her with the Mosin-Nagant. One shot alone knocks off nearly a quarter of her Psyche.
  7. You can climb on top of the towers on either side of the snowfield. This isn’t necessarily a good place to snipe Crying Wolf, but you can find a few good items up there.
  8. Stay crawling as long as possible. This is the best way to spot her from afar, and hit her a couple times before she runs away.
  9. You can find a Five-Seven Pistol on the Haven Soldiers.
  10. Stay away from the PMCs as much as possible. Triggering a unneeded alarm won’t help you. If it’s completely necessary, snipe the Haven Soldiers making your life difficult. Otherwise focus on Crying Wolf, and she’ll go down soon enough.

Act 4 BOSS – Phase 2 – Crying Beauty

  1. TIP: Remember to grab the Crying Wolf Doll in the snowfield, if you killed Crying Wolf with all non-lethal attacks. You can find the item on the far north side of the map, against the wall.
  2. Crying Beauty is, like her predecessors, a very easy fight. Stay about 10-15 feet away from her at all times and continually shoot her. She will occasionally dodge your attacks, but will go down soon enough.
  3. At the end of the fight, you’ll get the Crying Wolf FaceCamo if you took Crying Wolf down using non-lethal attacks.
  4. Invariably, you will receive the large Rail Gun she was manning.

Act 4 – Blast Furnace and Casting Facility

  1. Go through the door and trigger a call from Otacon.
  2. When it ends, you’ll be in the Blast Furnace.
  3. Take a second to head down the catwalks up on the top level area and collect all of the items.
  4. If the Dwarf Gekkos get it in the way, you can take a shortcut past them and jump over the railing down to a lower level. Use this technique to go around them when they block the path.
  5. Turn left from the entrance, and go all the way to the far side. Walk along the ledge there to the right to the get to the next area. Follow the catwalk to the end. Drop all the way down on the left-hand side to ground level. Walk up to the panel and trigger it. The elevator will take a couple seconds to arrive.
  6. NOTE: You can always backtrack to the previous area to reset the alarm, if it gets out of hand.

Act 4 – Blast Furnace PT. 2

  1. When the elevator door opens, there will be a Gekko right in front of you. Obviously, you’ll need to avoid it.
  2. Wait until the Gekko has its back turned, and then make a crouching break for it along the west wall. If you dare to head to the right and collect the items there, it can be done.

Act 4 – Casting Facility North

  1. Creep forward along the west wall. Use the large machinery in the area for crouched cover from the patrolling Dwarf Gekkos. Wait until they are scanning an area pointing away from you, and then head forward across the room. Enter the north door. You’ll need to jump up over the conveyor belt, running past the Gekko to your right, and make a break for it.
  2. Once you enter the north door, go down the ladder on the right and find some Ammunition.
  3. Go through the door when you’re ready to the next objective marker, and a new area.

Act 4 Underground Base

  1. Head forward, and collect the Ammunition at the foot of the stairs. Go through the crawlspace at your feet. Otacon will call you.
  2. You’ll need to get past the Drawf Gekko patrolling the room ahead. If you fall into the trap doors in the floor ahead, you will instantly die.
  3. When the Gekko moves behind the corner to the right, crouch up behind the corner. Wait for it to move forward across the steps. When it does, move slowly across the steps, and then immediately to the right. Go up the steps to the top floor (there are a bunch of items up there: Noodles, Ammunition, RPG-7, etc.). Wait until the Gekko moves back down the stairs to the left, and then move back to the foot of the steps. Wait until the second Gekko on the ceiling disengages its search beam near the exit, and then make a crouched break for the door on the right.
  4. Enter the door at the end of the hall to trigger a cutscene, and a boss fight against Vamp.

Act 4 BOSS: Vamp

  1. Vamp is an extremely powerful, vampire-like enemy. His CQC tactics are very threatening, and he has one especially confusing ability (which we’ll get to). Here are a few techniques we used to take Vamp down.
  2. Vamp’s Attacks: He will jump all around the map, doing flips and other acrobatic moves, a spin/dance kick that causes major damage, throws heat-seeking knives, does close-quarters knife stabs and in general is very difficult to shoot.
  3. We used the M4 Custom machine gun, which worked pretty well. When he stops moving, shoot him and cause as much damage as possible.
  4. Stay far away from him at all times, and keep running around the map.
  5. If you can keep him at a distance, he won’t be much of a immediate threat.
  6. When he’s rushing right at you, fire continuously with the machine gun and dodge out of the way when he’s about five feet away. He will then usually reset.
  7. Don’t stay directly in his line of sight for too long. He will throw knives at you, sometimes two at a time.
  8. TIP: When you deplete all of his life, he will stay down for about five seconds, and then he will rise again and completely regain his life. We admit, this was pretty confusing on our first playthrough. We took him down again, this time depleting his Psyche with the Mosin-Nagant, with the same results. We then took him down yet again, using the M4. Again, he rose. Otacon exclaimed something about “what are we going to do?” We don’t know, Otacon. That’s what you’re for. Through all of this, we got rather good at dodging his CQC attacks.
  9. After exhausting nearly every weapon in our arsenal, including the Rail Gun, the Mosin-Nagant, the M4, the RPG-7, depleting all of his Psyche and his health at once (or trying to…), we decided to try something unorthodox: the Syringe. This, actually, is how you kill him.
  10. TIP/SPOILER: Quickly drain Vamp’s health. When he falls, equip the Syringe. When he rises he will be temporarily vulnerable as he regenerates. Come up behind him, press R1 to grab him from behind, and then Triangle to inject him with the Syringe.

Act 4 BOSS: Vamp Phase 2

  1. When the cutscene ends, you’ll need to destroy all the Gekkos in the room, while Raiden fights it out with Vamp in split-screen.
  2. Use the Rail Gun on the Gekko’s legs first. When they drop down onto their knees, fire straight at their head continuously. You might have to do this a couple of times, but they’ll eventually fall. Ideally, aim right for the underside of their necks with the Rail Gun.
  3. TIP: You can zoom in using Triangle, and aim three well-placed shots with the Rail Gun right at their heads, and this will take them immediately down.
  4. When they have all been eliminated, this will end this section. Watch the cutscene.

Act 4 – Port Area

  1. When the cutscene ends and you regain control of Snake, you’ll have five minutes to escape while piloting the Rex.
  2. Weapons: Zoom in with L1 and then press R1 to shoot with the Gatling Gun. Be advised, the Gatling Gun can overheat. Also, you can press R1 to do a roundhouse kick if the Gekkos get too close for comfort. Additionally, there are two other selectable weapons. You can switch the FE Laser. To charge it, press and hold R1, then let up and press R1 again to unleash the laser. If properly aimed, this is a one-hit kill. Also, use the AT Missile, pressing R1 to fire. Finally, you can launch yourself forward for a brutal tackle move using X. Annihilate everything in site. Move briskly through the area.
  3. TIP: You may find it useful to just launch yourself through crowds of Gekko (press X) if you’re short on time. You’ll take some damage, but this will push you through. When you finally make it to the end of the pathway you will trigger a cutscene, and one last boss battle in Act 4.

Act 4 BOSS: Metal Ray

  1. Ocelot is manning the Metal Ray, and you will be manning the Rex.
  2. Otacon will yell something like “wait for it to reload!” Follow Otacon’s advice. If you use cover liberally, this will be a fairly easy fight.
  3. TIP: You can dodge to the side, using L + X. This is essential while fighting Metal Ray. When he fires missiles at you, dodge to the side and then fire back with a couple AT Missiles. You’ll need to constantly use cover during this fight.
  4. TIP: The main strategy for destroying the Metal Ray is as follows: take cover behind one of the large metal boxes whenever you can, and wait for Ocelot to unload all of his ammo. He will need to reload at some point. When he pauses, face him directly and use the AT Missiles, which we found to be the most effective weapon against him overall. After you’ve taken off a chunk of his health, take cover behind one of the boxes again and reset.
  5. He will occasionally jump into the water, and then jump out to try and ambush you.
  6. Metal Ray Attacks: Gatling Gun, missiles.
  7. When the Metal Ray goes down, watch the cutscene.

Act 5: Old Sun

  1. TIP: Follow the on-screen prompts to obtain flashbacks with X whenever they appear.

Act 5 – Ship Bow

  1. NOTE: As the Act starts, a message will come up informing you of the fact that Drebin’s products are all half-off. Take this opportunity to fully stock up with whatever you need. You can buy the most expensive weapon in the game, the Tanegashima, for 500,000 DP (!). Our weapons lineup for this section was as follows: Mk. 2 Pistol, Rail Gun, M4 Custom, AK 102 and Twin Barrel Shotgun, so we made sure all those were fully stocked.
  2. When you regain control of Snake, you’ll be on the extreme south end of the ship. You need to make your way all the way to the extreme north end. Stealth is the name of the game in this entire sequence. You’ll need to eliminate Haven Soldiers as they get in your way, but otherwise sneak everywhere. Never break cover, crouching or crawling at all times.
  3. The basic route we chose, was to hug the west wall as much as possible, and head straight for the north objective marker.
  4. Two Haven Soldiers will invade your personal bubble straight away. Stay crouched behind the cargo.
  5. Wait until the first Haven Soldier comes slowly around the left side of the cargo. Keep your Mk. 2 trained right where he will appear (we found that the Mosin-Nagant was too loud, and triggers the alarm). Take him down from a crawling position, right when he appears. For the second Haven Soldier, creep around to the right side of the cargo, and take her out while she has her back turned (or whenever you have a safe shot).
  6. TIP: When the first two Haven Soldiers are down, find the trapdoor right at your feet, which will lead you to the right under the metal grating. Follow the underground crawlspace and find the “Metal Gear Solid Main Theme (The Document Remix).”
  7. Head back out above ground, and crawl to the left, hugging the west wall. Move forward cautiously. Two more Haven Soldiers will drop down in front of you, near a large cargo container connected to the right-hand wall. To avoid them, crawl through the crawlspace at your feet on the right, and stay hidden until they pass by (watch your Solid Eye). When they’re gone, crawl back out and keep going to the right, crawling the whole time.
  8. Continue forward. Crouch behind the slim stack of cargo pinned to the wall on the right. A Haven Soldier will eventually head your way. What makes this part hard is that he doesn’t come around so you can shoot him from your hiding place. You’ll need to keep an eye on him, and wait until he turns his back and heads the other way. Then pop out of cover and shoot him in the back.
  9. Continue forward to the left wall, and then lay down facing the east hallway. From here, you can use the Mk. 2 to snipe any Have Soldiers as soon as they come into view. This gets complicated when other Haven Soldiers come onto the scene and wake up their fallen brethren. You may have to unload quite a few Mk. 2 darts, but if you stay crouched and have good aim, you should be successful.
  10. When that batch in the east hall are down, continue north and perch behind the corner on the right.
  11. Wait for the next approaching Haven Soldier to approach (the previous Haven Soldier may even act as bait). Keep the Mk. 2 trained right on the area when he will appear, and shoot as soon as you see uniform.
  12. Head north, and crawl across the east hallway, all the way to the east wall. Two Haven Soldiers will likely drop down from above. If you’re crawling, you should be able to hit them both quick and they’ll pass out. Make it all the way to the east wall.
  13. Then crawl north, stand, and hold Triangle to shimmy between two boxes and a thick pillar. When you’re through, continue to crawl towards the objective marker. Two final Haven Soldiers will be blocking the exit. To take them down, peek out from the box on the left, and shoot them down one by one.
  14. Continue towards the objective marker. The Gekko may pass by you on the left. Keep crawling.
  15. When you come around the northeast corner, there will be two Gekkos in the middle section ahead. Stay completely put, and the first Gekko will inexplicably get destroyed by air fire from above. When that Gekko is down, make a crawling break for the door (make sure the final one has his back turned).
  16. Tap Triangle repeatedly to open the door and get inside! If you made it through without triggering the alert, congrats on a stealth-only playthough of the Ship Bow.

Act 5 – Command Center

  1. Collect the Ammunition in the next room after the elevator lands, and then move through to the next room and trigger the cutscene and boss fight with Screaming Mantis.

Act 5 BOSS: Psycho Mantis

  1. When the cutscene ends, mow over all of the Haven Soldiers in this area (we abandoned all pretense of stealth during this section. Although the Mosin-Nagant helps immensely during the second wave of soldiers, which attack from the balcony).
  2. When the first wave of ground troops are down, a second batch will attack from above. Use a long-range weapon of your choice to get rid of them. Hide behind the computers as much as possible to avoid getting hit.
  3. Finally, when the balcony troops are down, one last wave of them approaches on the ground again. We switched to the Mosin-Nagant for this part, to eliminate them from afar.

Act 5 BOSS: Psycho Mantis PT. 2

  1. Psycho Mantis will now attack you directly. Meryl will now be under her power, and will also attack you. Always use tranquilizers on her, and be careful she doesn’t lose too much health (it’s game over if she dies).
  2. When the cutscene ends, immediately put Meryl to sleep, and any Haven Soldiers right near you.
  3. When your nearest enemies are down, aim for Psycho Mantis. You’ll notice that she is stopping you from firing at her all. You’ll have to figure out how to take shots at her. Try your best before reading the next section.
  4. TIP/SPOILER: After trying quite a few different tactics (including C4, grenade launchers, etc.), we discovered that you must use the Syringe in order to break her psychic hold on Snake. Once this is accomplished, Psycho Mantis will start flying all around the room. Then, you’ll need to figure out how to damage her. Again, try your best to figure out how to damage Screaming Mantis before reading the below section.
  5. Screaming Mantis’ Attacks: Controlling bodies, teleporting at you and causing melee damage, shooting blades at you and shooting slow-moving darts.
  6. TIP/SPOILER: Like any big boss, Screaming Mantis has a weak spot. The two flying dolls on her left and right stand out quite a bit. Upon shooting at them, if you nail a direct hit (we used the Mosin-Nagant), this will trigger the last phase of the battle, where she will become much more aggressive. The general tactics remain the same.
  7. TIP: You will notice puppet strings hanging down from Snake, and you may also notice that Psycho Mantis physically pushes your shots out of the way. It’s time to use the Syringe again, which will disable her psychological control over Snake and give you a solid chance to snipe her dolls (we used the Mosin-Nagant to aim carefully).
  8. Hitting her floating dolls can be particularly difficult, especially when she uses human shields (like Meryl) to guard her. Use your tranquilizers to put the human shields to sleep, which will make them drop.
  9. In general, keep moving along the outer perimeter, taking careful shots wherever you can.
  10. Use the Mosin-Nagant to zoom in and precisely target either of the dolls. This works relatively well, especially when her human shields are down and she floats in a stationary position for a couple seconds.
  11. Alternatively, when she is floating alone we were able to unload on her with the MP4 grenade launcher, and hit the dolls with proximity damage. This caused the Sorrow Doll to drop first.
  12. When the Sorrow Doll is down, go ahead and collect it. After this, it’s a mere matter of using the Mosin-Nagant to zoom in and target the last one.
  13. Run and collect the Psycho Mantis Doll when it drops. Follow the on-screen prompts and use the Psycho Mantis doll on Screaming Mantis. You will be able to quickly shake her to death.

Act 5 BOSS – Screaming Beauty

  1. Like all of her predecessors, Screaming Beauty is a cinch. Just target her mid-section from about 10 feet away, and she’ll go down eventually. Don’t let her get too close.

Act 5 – Missile Hangar

  1. Move forward towards the door on the other side of the catwalk. You’re heading towards your final destination. Go through the door into the next room, continue straight. Keep going through the consecutive system of catwalks, until the next cutscene occurs.
  2. When the cutscene ends, you’ll need to get Snake past a swarm of Dwarf Gekko. An effective weapon against them is the AK102. It may take a few seconds to eliminate all of them, but there is little danger of taking damage at this point. Just stay back and destroy them.
  3. Alternatively, you can just keep pressing X to dive right through the Dwarf Gekkos indefinitely, without taking damage. Just keep pressing forwards and X nonstop.

Act 5 BOSS: Ocelot PT. 1

  1. When the final fight with Ocelot begins, you will notice two things: this is a fistfight only, no guns allowed, and also your range is limited. You will only be able to sidle back and forth.
  2. TIP: the general strategy for this section of the boss fight is to move in for a short flurry of attacks (keep tapping R1), and then move out of range to reset. Press L1 constantly whenever not attacking to block Ocelot’s combos.
  3. Follow the onscreen prompts whenever they occur. Occasionally you will need to push either L1 or Triangle to pin Ocelot against walls, choke him, use CQC, etc.
  4. Charge Move: Press X to charge him, and then R1 to follow it up with an attack combo.

Act 5 BOSS: Ocelot PT. 2

  1. Snake’s health will reset at the beginning of the fight, raising to almost full capacity.
  2. Ocelot will be more powerful in this section. He will use one extremely powerful charged punch attack that takes away major damage. You can see him charging up for it pretty obviously. When he does, either quickly lunge in pressing X to wallop him in the stomach (displays a cool animation), or dodge to the side to avoid it altogether.
  3. TIP: The strategy during this section is basically the same, except you have to be more careful of his charge-punch. Block during his normal combos, and unleash a combo of your own when he is finishes. Don’t get greedy. Take your time and damage him modestly and then move out of range.

Act 5 BOSS: Ocelot PT. 3

  1. Your health bar will switch to white during this section, for whatever reason. Use the same tactics as before. Block constantly when you’re not striking (press L1), and wait for him to finish his combos before finishing your own.

Act 5 BOSS: Ocelot PT. 4

  1. When you regain control over Snake, simply move in and execute a couple more solid punches, which will end the fight.
  2. Watch all the successive cutscenes. Congratulations on beating Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Note: I took this walkthrough from a text file. If you know the source please send me a mail.  You can also check video walkthrough

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